Swimming Pool Water Sampling: Where and Why

The point of water testing is to ensure that there is enough disinfectant in the water, (at the correct pH level) to kill the germs. Therefore, when taking samples, it’s important that you collect them from a spot within the pool that is most likely to have the lowest level of disinfection. That way, you

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Health and Safety and Criminal Law – An Overview

Health and Safety at Work Act The Health and Safety at Work Act is still the main health and safety legislation in the UK. It is an Act of Parliament (primary legislation) that prescribes general duties to all at work, regardless of the work activity or context. Failure to comply with a duty under the

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Sources and Types of Law Relating to Health and Safety

Sources of law The law is made in two different ways, i.e. there are two sources of law – common law or statute. Statute law takes priority over common law and may be enacted to address a perceived inequity in the common law. Common law often aids the interpretation of statute law as terms are

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Moral expectations of good standards of health and safety

Society exerts pressure through three overlapping and interacting spheres of influence: moral, legal and financial.     Moral Drivers Morals are the codes of conduct, or rules of behaviour imposed by a society regarding what is right and wrong. For people to be killed, or seriously injured, or to suffer illness as a consequence of

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Superchlorination and Dechlorination

Superchlorination is not recommended as a routine or even occasional method of shock dosing to compensate for inadequacies in pool treatment. It is generally bad practice, and can generate unwelcome byproducts. But if something has gone wrong – poor results from microbiological testing perhaps, or a catastrophic breakdown in treatment – it may be necessary to

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