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Manual Dosing – Increasing and Decreasing Free Chlorine Residual

The following method will outline how to add a hypochlorite disinfectant to the swimming pool. If you’re using a chlorinated isocyanurate disinfectant, follow the manufacturers’ instructions as the method will be different. Increasing Chlorine Step 1: Calculate Pool Volume The first thing you need to do is calculate how many cubic metres of water you

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Dealing Chemical Spillages in Swimming Pools

The main ways chemicals can harm the body are via: Contact with skin, eyes etc. Ingestion Inhalation For contact with skin, it’s important to flush the affected area with water. Drench showers should be provided close to chemical storage areas for this purpose. If much of the body is affected, it may be better to

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Superchlorination and Dechlorination

Superchlorination is not recommended as a routine or even occasional method of shock dosing to compensate for inadequacies in pool treatment. It is generally bad practice, and can generate unwelcome byproducts. But if something has gone wrong – poor results from microbiological testing perhaps, or a catastrophic breakdown in treatment – it may be necessary to

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How to manually dose swimming pool chemicals

    This is a hazardous activity and should not be performed by people who have not received the appropriate training.       ALWAYS wear the appropriate PPE. ALWAYS add the chemical to the water, NEVER add water to the chemical. NEVER mix a chemical with another chemical. Only ever mix with water. NEVER

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Automatic Monitoring and Dosing

Commercial swimming pools should have a system installed to automatically dose the disinfection, pH control and coagulation chemicals into the pool water circulation system. Manually dosing chemicals (sometimes referred to as ‘hand-dosing’) is a hazardous activity that can be easily avoided by the installation, use and maintenance of such systems. Hand-dosing chemicals should only be

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