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Communicating health and safety information

The art of effective communication is getting the right message (in the right format), to the right audience at the right time. The communication process can be thought of as a cycle, involving the message sender and the message receiver. At each stage there are potential barriers to effective communication The message sender may not

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What IS Health and Safety Culture?

Every group of people develops a ‘culture’. In an organisation with a good safety culture everyone puts health and safety high on the list and adopts the same positive attitudes to health and safety. This influences the ways in which individuals in the group handle new events and decisions. Safety culture has been defined as

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Roles and Responsibilities of Employers, Directors and Managers

The Robens Report (1972) recommended a broad goal setting, non-prescriptive model of health and safety legislation based on the view that “those that create risk are best placed to manage it”. The Report also considered that the promotion of safety and health was an essential function of day-to-day good management and that it should not

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