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swimming pool circulation pump with strainer basket and valves

How do swimming pool pumps work?

The circulation pumps are the ‘heart’ of the circulation system. They are designed to continuously pump water around the system at a pre-determined rate called the flow rate. In larger installations, there are usually several pumps working at the same time, with additional pumps on standby. In smaller installations, there may only be one single

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How do swimming pool filters work?

Filtration is an important element of effective pool water treatment. The basic principle is that the untreated water is passed through a filtering medium (such as a bed of sand). The water is able to pass through the gaps between the grains of sand (called ‘pores’), but anything larger than the pore size is trapped

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Swimming Pool Turnover Explained

Swimming Pool Turnover  Swimming pool turnover is the time it takes for a volume of water equivalent to the swimming pool volume to make one pass through the system. It is calculated by dividing the volume by the flow rate. Recommended Turnover Rates Diving Pools 4 – 8 Hours Domestic Pools 4 – 8 Hours

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Swimming Pool Outlets Can be Deadly!

As well as leaving the pool via the surface water draw off system, water is also leaving via the sumps (drains). In a traditional swimming pool, these outlets are usually located on the floor of the deep end and are covered with a square grill. The following picture shows three outlets.     The outlets

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An Overview of a Swimming Pool Circulation System

Outlets     Most of the pollution in a swimming pool will sit in the top 150mm of pool depth.  Therefore, there needs to be an effective system for removing as much of this pollution as possible. There are three different types of surface water removal system: Deck-level Skimmer Scum trough   As well as

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