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Chemical or Microbiological Contamination Outbreaks in Swimming Pools

Chemical or Microbiological Contamination Outbreaks A chemical or microbiological outbreak has occurred if more than two people have symptoms from the same source at roughly the same time. Written procedures are needed for dealing with an outbreak and included as part of the EAP (Emergency Action Plan) section of the PSOP (Pool Safety Operating Procedures).

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Don’t Overlook Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

    The levels of chemical pollution present in the pool water can be measured using an instrument called a ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ meter (TDS meter). This measures the electrical conductivity of the pool water. As pure water is not a conductor of electricity, the more conductive the swimming pool water is, the more it

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Sources of Pollution in Swimming Pools

Physical Pollution Physical pollution is one of the three main categories of pollution that concerns pool plant operators (the other two being chemical and biological). Physical pollution is made up of contaminants that do not dissolve in the water: Dirt Grit Sand Plasters Lighter physical pollution will float on the surface of the water, where

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