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Dealing Chemical Spillages in Swimming Pools

The main ways chemicals can harm the body are via: Contact with skin, eyes etc. Ingestion Inhalation For contact with skin, it’s important to flush the affected area with water. Drench showers should be provided close to chemical storage areas for this purpose. If much of the body is affected, it may be better to

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Chemical Safety – Know Your pH Correctants

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) CO2 is a non-toxic and non-flammable gas, colourless and odourless but with a characteristic taste and pungency at higher concentrations. The normal concentration of CO2 in the air that we breathe is approximately 400 ppm (0.04% by volume). If its concentration in the ambient air is increased, the pulmonary gas exchange in

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Chemical Safety – Know Your Disinfectants

Calcium Hypochlorite dry product (pellets, tablets or granules) 65 – 70% chlorine pH of approx 10 – 11 (strong alkali) recommended for soft water areas long storage time This is a dry product and typically gets supplied as pellets or granules. It often goes by the name of HTH, but this is a common brand

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