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Pool Tests for Chlorine & pH

  General Points on Pool Water Testing the equipment used should be clean and dry reagent tablets should not be touched as this would affect the reading COSHH assessments should be carried out on all reagent chemicals all samples should be taken from the same, pre-determined point every time staff should be trained in pool

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How often should you be testing the water?

The pool water should be tested throughout the day to ensure that the water is safe to enter. The first test should be carried out before the first swimmers are allowed in, giving the operator plenty of time to rectify any issues that may become apparent following the first round of tests. Thereafter, while the

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The Importance of pH in Swimming Pool Water

    pH is an abbreviation of ‘power of hydrogen’ and is a critical factor in the treatment of pool water. pH is a scale of acidity to alkalinity from 0 to 14. Substances that aren’t acidic or alkaline (that is, neutral solutions) usually have a pH of 7. Acids have a pH that is

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