Quick and easy Hazard Reporting Tool. Free to use.

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Identifying hazards is the first step in the risk assessment process. But the task should not be left exclusively to the ‘health and safety manager’ or line manager. Identifying hazards should be something that everybody is actively encouraged to do. It should also be an ongoing process, not something that’s only done when the risk assessments are reviewed.

A good way of encouraging people at all levels to report hazards is to make the process as simple as easy as possible. To that end, we have created a hazard reporting tool and made it freely available on our website. It’s very easy to fill out and can be done on a desktop or mobile device. When completed, you will received the completed report as a PDF file that you can forward to the responsible person, no further editing  of the report is necessary.

To access the tool, click the link below, and if you find it useful, feel free to share:

Hazard Report

Adam Harries

Adam Harries

Adam has extensive experience of pool plant operations, gained during his career in leisure management. He is now a Chartered Health & Safety Consultant and delivers pool plant and health and safety courses and consultancy services in all areas of the UK.

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