Pool Plant Operator Certificate

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Clean, Safe Swimming Pool Water

Learn how to keep the swimming pool water free of harmful bacteria and other biological pollutants. 

How to minimise the build-up of harmful levels of irritant chemical by-products.


Pool Water Testing

Learn how to test the swimming pool chemical levels (and understand what the results mean):

  • free, combined and total chlorine/bromine
  • pH
  • total dissolved solids
  • calcium hardness
  • total alkalinity
  • water balance
  • cyanuric acid

Circulation, Filtration and Coagulation

Learn how a circulation system operates, including filtration, filter backwashing and the essential process of coagulation. Also covered:

  • flow rates 
  • turnover periods
  • filtration and backwash rates
  • filter pressure
  • total alkalinity

Health and Safety

Learn how to run swimming pools and plant rooms safely, avoiding chemical incidents and infection outbreaks.


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