How often should you be testing the water?

The pool water should be tested throughout the day to ensure that the water is safe to enter. The first test should be carried out before the first swimmers are allowed in, giving the operator plenty of time to rectify any issues that may become apparent following the first round of tests.

Thereafter, while the pool is in use, the frequency of testing for disinfectant levels and pH value should be as follows:

  • Spa pools: every 2 hours
  • Swimming pools without automatic chemical dosing: every 2 hours
  • Swimming pools with automatic chemical dosing: every 3 – 4 hours

This frequency should be increased/decreased according to site-specific circumstances. For example, in pools that experience very low usage and have a reliable automatic chemical dosing system, it may be possible to extend the period of time between tests.

The main thing is to ensure that you test frequently enough so that you become aware that the levels are starting to move outside of acceptable parameters before those parameters are actually breached. If you find that the levels are already outside of the acceptable parameters when you come to test them, the testing is not being carried out frequently enough, or the results of tests are not being responded to in the correct way.