Guide to Drawing a Pool Schematic

swimming pool schematic

Part of the assessment requirement for PWTAG-accredited Swimming Pool Technical Operator Courses is to sketch a schematic of the pool and associated treatment system. In order to help courses delegates complete this exercise, we have provided an example below of a schematic that meets the required standards and have included a few comments for your consideration.

Course delegates are advised to take note of the level of detail and ensure that their submissions are of around the same standard.

  1. Inlets clearly indicated, showing the distribution of water within the pool.
  2. Type of surface water draw-off system clearly indicated (deck-level).
  3. Sump drains included.
  4. Arrows showing direction of water flow.
  5. Balance tank correctly drawn.
  6. Inclusion of main valves.
  7. Strainer basket and pump set clearly drawn and labelled.
  8. Coagulant dosing system, includes chemical tank and injection point.
  9. Monitoring equipment correctly drawn, showing the sample line.
  10. Disinfection and pH correction correctly drawn and showing injection points and connections from the monitoring equipment.
  11. Heat exchanger in the correct place.
  12. Details such as the sample return and chemical injection locations.
  13. Filter, with main valves shown.
  14. Sample line origin and coagulant injection points clearly shown.

Overall, this is a good schematic of a pool and associated plant and, importantly, it demonstrates to us that this candidate is familiar with their system.