What does the NEBOSH General Certificate cover?

Take Your Career to the Next Level with the NEBOSH General Certificate!

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The Nebosh General Certificate is made up of 11 elements, covering a broad range of topics. All the elements are listed below. Click on the title to expand the element and see the topics that are covered within that element.

1.1 Morals and money

1.2 The force of law – punishment and compensation

1.3 The most important legal duties for employers and workers

1.4 Managing contractors effectively

2.1 What they are and the benefits they bring

2.2 What good health and safety management systems look like

3.1 Health and safety culture

3.2 Improving health and safety culture

3.3 How human factors influence behaviour positively or negatively

3.4 Assessing risk

3.5 Management of change

3.6 Safe systems of work for general work activities

3.7 Permit-to-work systems

3.8 Emergency procedures

4.1 Active and reactive monitoring

4.2 Investigating incidents

4.3 Health and safety auditing

4.4 Review of health and safety performance

5.1 Noise

5.2 Vibration

5.3 Radiation

5.4 Mental ill-health

5.5 Violence at work

5.6 Substance abuse at work

6.1 Work-related upper limb disorders

6.2 Manual handling

6.3 Load-handling equipment

7.1 Hazardous substances

7.2 Assessment of health risks

7.3 Occupational exposure limits

7.4 Control measures

7.5 Specific agents

8.1 Health, welfare and work environment

8.2 Working at height

8.3 Safe working in confined spaces

8.4 Lone working

8.5 Slips and trips

8.6 Safe movement of people and vehicles in the workplace

8.7 Work-related driving

9.1 General requirements

9.2 Hand-held tools

9.3 Machinery hazards

9.4 Control measures for machinery

10.1 Fire principles

10.2 Preventing fire and fire spread

10.3 Fire alarms and fire-fighting

10.4 Fire evacuation

11.1 Hazards and risks

11.2 Control measures

Fun, interesting and engaging!

Alert with regards to learner’s needs, while making it fun, interesting and engaging, without making it look like usual boring in-class training. You would be surprised to find out how easy it is to learn a great amount of information, and still be prepared for the final exams. I recommend for any H&S training programs, you will not be disappointed.

Diana Gabor

Really enjoyed it!

A wealth of knowledge and experience. I was a recent delegate on a NEBOSH course and really enjoyed the whole week. Use of a variety of teaching methods. Plenty of time to absorb information and ask questions. Excellent summary notes at the end of each topic and connected each subject matter making the process of learning and understanding very easy for everyone.

Cate Adamson