What Are the Benefits of the IOSH Managing Safely Course?

Managing Safely is designed for managers in any sector, and will help them to get up-to-speed on the practical actions they need to take, and gain the knowledge and tools to tackle the safety and health issues they’re responsible for. Importantly, Managing Safely makes a powerful case for safety and health being an integral part of day-to-day management and business.

Memorable and thought-provoking facts and case studies from across the globe help drive the points home over the whole course. Each module is backed by crystal-clear examples and recognisable scenarios, and summaries reinforce the key learning points.

Peace of mind

There’s no doubt about it. Better-trained staff leads to beter standards of health and safety, and this in turn leads to less chance of harm occurring in relation to your business operations. The IOSH Managing Safely course represents globally-recognised, respected and certificated training for your managers, being robustly quality-controlled by the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety, the Chartered body for safety and health professionals.

Enhanced reputation

Reputable companies don’t purchase services or products from other companies unless they can clearly demonstrate that they take health and safety seriously and therefore don’t represent a serious liability. Furthermore, modern society is growing increasingly intolerant of companies that allow accidents to happen through poor management of health and safety. Training your managers in how to manage health and safety properly will help to demonstrate your professionalism and improve your business reputation.

Increased Profits

Investing in developing the health and safety competencies of your staff is a smart financial decision. When employees are made ill, or are injured as a result of their work and have to take time off, it can cost the company thousands of pounds. If the company is found to be at fault, they can be fined potentially huge sums of money and injured parties are also able to claim compensation.

It is often the case, after an incident has been investigated by the authorities, that avoiding the circumstances that led to the incident would have cost the company only a fraction of the amount that the company ends up losing in the aftermath of an incident. Companies with intelligent leadership know this and invest in health and safety training. The others often end up having to learn the hard way.