The Proper Place for Risk Assessment

How to complete a health and safety risk assessment

There’s no doubt about it; even though the HSE are actively encouraging workplaces not to accumulate unnecessary paperwork, it can still get to the point where things get confusing.

Based on some project work we’ve been completing with one of our clients, we have created an overview diagram of an example health and safety policy that hopefully provides a bit of clarity as to where and how things fit together in an effective health and safety policy.

As you will see, the risk assessment process has been extracted and expanded a little, but in this example it ‘lives’ in the ‘arrangements’ section of the health and safety policy, in the ‘risk management’ sub-section.

Also within that ‘risk management’ sub-section, one might expect to find a document outlining what the company’s policy is when it comes to risk management, along with who is responsible for implementing the various different elements of the risk management system and further documented procedures detailing how the risk management system functions within that particular company/workplace.

The same structure as outlined for the ‘risk management’ section would also be applied to all the other areas of the company’s health and safety related activities, such as communication, training, emergencies etc.

I hope you find it useful.