NEBOSH Practical Project – Hazards and Hazard Categories

One of the most common challenges learners tell me about when approaching the Risk Assessment project for the NEBOSH General Certificate is understanding the difference between the hazard categories and the hazards and identifying the required number of hazards

I’ll be addressing both issues in this video. To start with, lets get the hazards categories dialed in because once I’ve done that, I can use it to structure the hazard identification exercise.

The hazard categories are on the screen right now. Notice that they are not the element headings, they are the topics covered within the element headings.

NEBOSH require you to select at least TEN HAZARDS from at least FIVE HAZARD CATEGORIES, so that’s what I’m going to do now and what I’m going to do is meet both of NEBOSH’s requirements from inside my absolutely TINY home office! 7.5 feet by 8.5 feet = 64 square feet, which is enough room for just one person!

  • Mental ill health

    Stress of running a business

  • Substance misuse at work

    Working at home – able to drink while I work (could spiral out of control)

  • WRULD’s


  • Manual handling

    Boxes of manuals

    Equipment for course delivery

  • Chemical/Biological agents


  • Health, welfare and work environment


  • Slips and trips


    Change in floor level

  • Machinery hazards


  • Fire

    Means of escape

    Building materials

    Ignition sources

  • Electricity

    Possible over-current