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If you feel like you would benefit from some help getting health and safety right within your business, you’re in the right place!


We’re a health and safety consultancy firm, based in Knutsford, Cheshire and focus on modern solutions to health and safety, based on ISO 45001, the global standard for health and safety.

Expert guidance for a fraction of the cost

Many large organisations directly employ their own in-house health and safety people, but if your a small to medium sized business taking on extra staff to manage health and safety can be prohibitively expensive.

By working with us, you get expert health and safety assistance from a chartered health and safety professional for a fraction of the cost.

Avoid unnecessary paperwork and red tape

Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that producing lots of documentation will somehow demonstrate legal compliance. In reality, effective health and safety doesn’t work that way.

We’ll steer you in right direction and ensure the purpose of health and safety never gets lost behind the process. Say goodbye to those pointless ‘tick & flick’ forms and checklists!

Flexible support packages to suit any budget

The cost of working with a health and safety consultant are far less than you might think and we have different levels of support available so you can choose the options that’s best for the stage of business development you’re at.

We realised that we need to develop our organisational/management approach to recording our H&S arrangements and also wanted a clear way forward to make our approach more robust. We generally feel more confident in the management of Health and Safety and are being a lot more proactive in our approach The support and advice from Stockwell allowed Petty Pool to asses where we were and what our strengths and areas for improvement were.  We then had a clear way forward, along with continued advice and support from Stockwell.

Jayne Wilson, Chief Executive Officer
Petty Pool Trust

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We can help with...

In many ways, risk assessments are the cornerstone of effective health and safety management. They enable a business to determine whether they are doing enough to control health and safety risks, or whether further controls are required to bring the risk under control.

Let a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant help you with this process and ensure your risk assessments are compliant.

Quite often, businesses genuinely believe they have good arrangements in place for health and safety. Then an accident happens and they find out that in fact, things weren't quite as good as they thought. Weaknesses are found with the way health and safety was being managed, but they were not spotted in time. Not a good place for a business to find itself in.

We can help by sending a BSI-qualified Lead Auditor to conduct a full and comprehensive analysis of any aspect of your health and safety systems.  We can then help you address any areas of weakness that are identified.

ISO 45001 is the global standard for the management of health and safety. If your business is involved with tendering bids for work contracts, being accredited to this standard is often compulsory.

A BSI-qualified auditor can work with you to get your health and safety management systems ready for external audit as part of a seamless service that culminates in your business being awarded certification and winning those major works contracts.

RIDDOR is a piece of health and safety legislation that covers the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences. It makes it a legal requirement to report certain events to the Health and Safety Executive, in the correct manner and within specific time-frames.

Businesses can sometimes experience uncertainty about what, when and how to report, which can lead to either over or under reporting.

Let us handle this area of health and safety compliance for you.

If an incident occurs we can help you with both the immediate response, as well as follow-up procedures. We can carry out a full root cause analysis of the incident to learn what the causal factors were and then help you to ensure that further potential incidents don't happen again.

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