Need help with Health & Safety?

As your business or organisation grows, so do your health and safety liabilities. 

If you’re unsure about your health and safety compliance, why not let us help?

Risk Assessments

Let a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant help you with this process and ensure your risk assessments are compliant.


We can help by sending a BSI-qualified Lead Auditor to conduct a full and comprehensive analysis of any aspect of your health and safety systems.  We can then help you address any areas of weakness that are identified.


A BSI-qualified auditor can work with you to get your health and safety management systems ready for external audit as part of a seamless service that culminates in your business being awarded certification and winning those major works contracts.

Incident Response

If an incident occurs we can help you with both the immediate response, as well as follow-up procedures. We can carry out a full root cause analysis of the incident to learn what the causal factors were and then help you to ensure that further potential incidents don’t happen again.


We can develop bespoke on-line or face-to-face training solutions for you. We can also provide training courses leading to internationally recognised health and safety qualifications.

RIDDOR Reporting

Businesses can sometimes experience uncertainty about what, when and how to report, which can lead to either over or under reporting. Let us handle this area of health and safety compliance for you.

"We realised that we need to develop our organisational/management approach to recording our H&S arrangements and also wanted a clear way forward to make our approach more robust.

The support and advice from Stockwell allowed Petty Pool to asses where we were and what our strengths and areas for improvement were. We then had a clear way forward, along with continued advice and support from Stockwell".
Jayne Wilson
Chief Executive Officer, Petty Pool Trust
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