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Think Small Pools are Easy to Manage? Not Necessarily!

A pool that is 25 metres long, 12 metres wide, with an average depth of 1.5 metres will hold 450 cubic metres of water. If there are, say, 30 people in the pool, each of them will have 15 cubic metres of water each. Contrast this situation with a spa pool. A spa will only

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Sources of Pollution in Swimming Pools

    Physical Pollution   Physical pollution is one of the three main categories of pollution that concerns pool plant operators (the other two being chemical and biological). Physical pollution is made up of contaminants that do not dissolve in the water: Dirt Grit Sand Plasters   Lighter physical pollution will float on the surface

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Flow Rate and Turnover Explained

Flow Rate Good circulation hydraulics are necessary to ensure that the whole pool is adequately served in terms of both disinfection and removal of pollutants. Flow rate refers to the speed at the pool water is circulating around the system and is usually expressed as m3/hr, meaning cubic metres per hour but sometimes the flow

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Swimming Pool Outlets Can be Deadly!

As well as leaving the pool via the surface water draw off system, water is also leaving via the sumps (drains). In a traditional swimming pool, these outlets are usually located on the floor of the deep end and are covered with a square grill. The following picture shows three outlets.     The outlets

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An Overview of a Swimming Pool Circulation System

Outlets     Most of the pollution in a swimming pool will sit in the top 150mm of pool depth.  Therefore, there needs to be an effective system for removing as much of this pollution as possible. There are three different types of surface water removal system: Deck-level Skimmer Scum trough   As well as

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Free Tool: Pool Technical Specifications Calculator

Swimming pool operators need to have a Normal Operating Procedure (NOP) that includes key technical information about their pool. We have put together a spreadsheet that will hopefully take a little bit of the hassle out of the process of obtaining this information. Click on the ‘Pool Plant Operator’ link below and scroll down to

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