Our company of choice

Stockwell Safety, was our company of choice to run a course for five staff members, consisting of new staff and management team members requiring renewals of the Pool Plant Operator Course.

Adam, from Stockwell Safety, was able to deliver the course in a format that allowed new staff members to follow and digest the information for the first time, as well as expand on elementary topics to maintain the interest of the experienced students within the class. The depth and breadth of knowledge displayed by Adam, was amazing, he was able to deliver the course material with ease, as well as add many examples and advice to ‘real life’ scenarios, particularly when dealing with the specialist pools we often use.

In summary, Adam is a great presenter with solid in-depth knowledge of his subject, reinforced by years of working within the industry and is fantastic at teaching and how to apply it all in practice. He certainly does not just reproduce whats written in the course manual. The Stockwell Safety Manual, is written in house, and serves as a very clear and comprehensive reference for in-depth reference post course.