Free Tool: Pool Technical Specifications Calculator

Swimming pool operators need to have a Normal Operating Procedure (NOP) that includes key technical information about their pool. We have put together a spreadsheet that will hopefully take a little bit of the hassle out of the process of obtaining this information. Click on the ‘Pool Plant Operator’ link below and scroll down to

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Some Guidance on Stress and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Stress and musculoskeletal disorders are the most significant source of work-related ill-health (source: click here for source). So, here is some guidance produced by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work on how to tackle both of these issues in your workplace: click here to download the guidance booklet I found the guidance to be

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Sulphuric Acid

You may need a license to use sulphuric acid

Due to the increase in acid attacks, new legislation is coming in that affects those who purchase, store and use sulphuric acid. Do you use this substance for controlling pH? The director of PWTAG has written an informative blog about this. Please find a link to it below.

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Legionella at Leisure Centre – Council to be Prosecuted

Back in 2016, it was reported that a leisure centre user had contracted legionnaires disease after using the facilities at Walton-on-the-Naze Lifestyles Sports Centre. It’s now recently been reported that the local authority responsible for the facility is to be prosecuted, presumably for failures with their control measures. Legionella can multiply in water between 20

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Urgent or Important?

If your struggling in terms of not having enough time to do the things you need to do, try prioritising all of your tasks according to their urgency and/or importance. A ringing telephone might seem urgent, but calls are usually not important. Delegate this stuff. Surfing sites like Facebook etc. is neither urgent or important.

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Please ensure your training provider is competent

I just wanted to provide some advice and guidance on selecting appropriate training providers for swimming pool water treatment. [vc_empty_space] The authoritative source of expert advice and guidance, recognised by the Health & Safety Executive and OFSTED are the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group. Establishments that operate swimming pools should check that whoever they select

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Legionnaires’ deaths: The JTF Hot Tub Case

Operate a commercial hot tub or spa pool? Stop what you’re doing and to read this article. Back in 2012 there was an outbreak of  Legionnaires disease in Fenton, Stoke on Trent. The point source was a hot tub at a discount warehouse operated by a company called JTF. 21 people became ill and three

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Health & Safety Law and Commercial Swimming Pool Water Treatment

If you operate a commercial swimming pool in any capacity, please take a couple of minutes to read the following. Apologies in advance if it comes across as a lecture, it’s not meant to. Rather, it’s a plea to pool operators to consider some of the following facts and opinions. Whilst there is no specific

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The Proper Place for Risk Assessment

There’s no doubt about it; even though the HSE are actively encouraging workplaces not to accumulate unnecessary paperwork, it can still get to the point where things get confusing. Based on some project work we’ve been completing with one of our clients, we have created an overview diagram of an example health and safety policy that

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It’s never happened before!

It’s never happened before! I’ve encountered a worrying amount of supposedly intelligent managers who choose to ignore certain hazards based on that logic! The fact that it’s never happened before is no guarantee that it’s never going to happen, is it? You may never previously have had a fire on the premises, but I would

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Overcoming ‘writers block’ during NEBOSH exams

When sitting a NEBOSH exam, it’s quite likely that sooner or later you’re going to hit a mental wall! Either you’ll be sat there contemplating a blank white space, or you might have managed to scratch a few words out onto the page, but you’re painfully aware that it will not reap many marks once

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swimming pool schematic

Guide to Drawing a Pool Schematic

Part of the assessment requirement for PWTAG-accredited Swimming Pool Technical Operator Courses is to sketch a schematic of the pool and associated treatment system. In order to help courses delegates complete this exercise, we have provided an example below of a schematic that meets the required standards and have included a few comments for your

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